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Welcome to Indigo Architects

Indigo Architects provides its global customers an attractive option to reduce the costs of developing and managing their core IT infrastructure while improving the overall levels of execution.

The services extend from the basic application development and maintenance, to more sophisticated options of managing operations, auditing existing engagements & infrastructure, or providing strategy and design services for developing custom software product roadmaps.

Interactive Television has been part of the myth, folklore and disappointments of the media business. Imagine the possibility of watching a video where the viewer's vision interacting with television & videos interspersed with personalized commercials is a compelling one for a media strategist.

Indigo Architects has designed and developed the Software (Project Trinity) that represents a significant step towards integrating interactivity with regular videos. Our software is currently used to drive interactivity in the Microsoft Community Portal.

Cloud computing is part of the natural evolution of the web services ecosystem. Windows Azure and other emerging Cloud platforms simplify the scalability & availability issues involved in the deployment and operations of web services and application.

Indigo Architects has been an early adopter and leader is the realm of Cloud Computing. We have successfully migrated existing applications as well as developed new green field applications architected specifically for the Cloud.